The Heart Foundation is dedicated in making a real difference to the heart health of all Namibians.

Our work includes:

.  Awareness

.  Guiding and support people with heart conditions

.  Educating Namibians about making heart healthy choices

.  Advocating to Government to improve heart health in Namibia

.  Fund Raising: assisting heart patients



We want to make it easier for Namibians to lead heart-healthy lives. We help to create environments with healthy options and give people information and support to enable them to look after their hearts and focus is on a healthier food supply, more active living and a smoke free Namibia.


Our Strategy

To reduce the impact of risk factors and support Namibians affected by heart disease. The Namibia Heart Foundation will do it through: Prevention, support and care groups and financial assistance.

Heart Care

We want to help Namibians to have access to quality healthcare and ensure risk factors are well managed and cardiovascular disease is well treated. We focusing on earlier detection of risk, Recognition of heart attack warning signs, Better emergency care and improved care for heart attack and heart failure. 

With a healthy heart, the beat goes on...

Our Mission

To stop all people in Namibia dying prematurely from heart disease. We will do this through research, prevention activity, quality care and support for everyone living with heart disease


Our Vision

A heart disease free Namibia for all Namibians

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