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Participants displayed hearts of gold in virtual challenge

Two participants showed their hearts to be in the right place when one cycled 200
km and walked 4,6 km and another ran 91 km in the first Virtual Race Challenge on
2, 3 and 4 October 2020.

Gerhard de Koe, Executive Director of the Namibia Heart Foundation, said David
Bishop and PC Visser were absolutely exemplary in contributing to a worthy cause –
promoting healthy habits and healthy hearts.

A total of 58 people walked, ran and cycled in this first-ever virtual challenge event
staged by the foundation, with Bank Windhoek as the main sponsor. Although only
2 090 km of the target of 20 000 km were completed, Gerhard said a similar event
will be arranged for next year – hopefully a real physical fitness challenge.

The limited entries of this year’s virtual event could amongst others be ascribed to
Namibians not yet being used to participating in this manner. The event was
promoted substantially in newspaper articles, interviews on radio stations and NBC
TV, as well as in postings on the NHF Facebook and website pages.

Gerhard expressed his appreciation to all 58 participants that dedicated their time
and energy to the cause of the Namibia Heart Foundation and invited them to enter
again next year – virtually or in real life.

He thanked Bank Windhoek for its huge support, and also the following businesses
for donating towards the lucky draw prizes, and that despite the current difficult and
demanding situation:

 -Woermann Brock
 -Namibia Dairies
 -Westlane Spar
 -Maerua Super Spar
 -Closwa Biltong

 -Gondwana Collection
 -Checkers Maerua.

Gerhard reiterated the NHF’s message that all Namibians should practise the safety
protocols required to curb and eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic. “Please wear
masks, keep the required social distances, was your hands regularly and limit or stay
away from attending large gatherings of people.”


Winners of the three categories with their prizes: P C Visser (second from right),
jogged 91 km. Ilse Draghoender (second from left) walked 8,58 km. David Bishop
completed 200 km on his cycle and top of that walked another 4,6 km. Unfortunately,
he could not attend the handing-over ceremony. Appearing on the right is Suzette
January, Bank Windhoek se Communications Practitioner; Sponsorships and
Events, and on the left Gerhard de Koe, Executive Director of the Namibia Heart


A few tips to help keep yourself healthy during these times

1. Wash your hands regularly for 20-30 seconds.

2. Avoid scratching face, head or body.

3. Cover your your face to avoid the spread of germs

4. When using reusable masks, make sure to wash them after every use.

5. When in public, make sure to sanitize or wash your hands after touching surfaces.

6. Keep your phone and other computer devices clean.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller


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